Get to know the award-winning Bench Cookie!
With high-friction rubber surfaces and a durable core, Bench Cookies are the most exciting, versatile accessory to hit wood shops in years. They keep projects from slipping while routing, sanding, carving and more. They raise up panels for edge work and finishing. They make assembly easier. And they set up in seconds. Four per pack. Each cookie is 3'' dia. x 1'' thick.

See what our customers are saying:
"They work great, hold your work peace [and piece] in place while sanding or using a router."
Doug Pinney, from Monument, CO

"I have been using the bench cookies almost every time I have sanded or routed on my workbench and I love them!"
Bill Fitzgerald, from Gastonia, NC

"These things are great. In the same category of usefullness as W-D 40 and duct tape."
Tom Martin, from Gaithersburg, MD

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